Welcome to Bumble & Ivy


Hello, I'm Lucy, co-founder of Bumble & Ivy, alongside my husband Lee. High school sweethearts with a passion for travel. I’m a hair and makeup artist in TV and film, while Lee is a sun seeking surfer with a love for landscaping.

Our Family

Our path to parenthood was far from easy, with nine years of infertility challenges.

During this time, our furry companion, Bumble the cockapoo, became a source of comfort and joy. She was my angel during dark times, always by my side with her gentle spirit and endless cuddles. After years of IVF treatments, we were blessed with our rainbow baby, Ivy-Winter, in 2022.

With Bumble & Ivy, our family finally felt complete.As a stay-at-home mom, I found myself longing for something more - a way to contribute financially while still being present for my family.

That's when Bumble & Ivy was born. Inspired by the need for convenient, affordable, and stylish baby products, I created a collection designed to simplify daily life for parents like me.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our journey. I feel incredibly fortunate to have my beautiful family and to share our story with you through this little business. Whatever comes from it, I'm grateful for every moment.

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